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About Sri Balaji Society (SBS)

'Discipline, Determination, Dedication.' Built on the pillars of these three values, Sri Balaji Society, Pune provides career specific contemporary education with a strong emphasis on practical training and overall development of the students. Sri Balaji Society, Pune is a charitable trust established under the Bombay Public Trust Act.

Sri Balaji Society, Pune/ Management institutes/ Colleges are run on the lines of a corporate entity. The Directors of the Management Institutes function like CEO’s. Students are treated as 'Student Managers' with due respect, love, concern, dignity and authority. Those who perform are rewarded. Delinquent students are dealt with disciplinarily. Discipline, Dedication and Determination are our ‘Mantras’. The ability to perform and grow towards a definite career in any part of the country are the qualities expected from every 'Student Manager'. Here 'Time' is treated as the most precious resource. Our classes generally commence at early morning hours say 08:00 am or 09:00 am and may go on even beyond 07:00 pm with minimum breaks. We also hold late night classes/examinations as and when required.

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